Aleksandra Gaca designs innovative woven textiles. She works with brands, architects, manufacturers and institutions to create textile solutions, products and installations that translate her clients’ identities, needs and interests into woven form. Her work appears in interiors, architecture, fashion and art exhibitions. It unites strong aesthetic qualities with high functional performance in acoustics and insulation. At the outset of her 20-year career, she pioneered 3D woven textiles, becoming an expert in their design, manufacture and use. Her fabrics combine experimental weaving techniques with her own sensuous approach to materials, colour and pattern. To make them, she combines ancient craft and cutting-edge technology, sometimes creating a sample design on a handloom, before transferring the resulting concept to industrial machines. Her innovative textile designs have earned her a number of international awards. Born in Lodz, Poland, she lives and works in Delft, the Netherlands.



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