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The French car manufacturer Renault has approached Aleksandra Gaca to design interior fabrics for the visionary Renault SYMBIOZ concept car, which was unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show last week. SYMBIOZ represents Renault's vision of the mobility for 2030, with an electric, connected and autonomous car that will literally connect to your home.

The Renault SYMBIOZ concept car was conceived as an extension of the home on the road. When parked inside the home,
it becomes a mobile, modular and multi-purpose, additional room. The goal of the design was to make sure the cabin was liveable like any modern home. With this concept in mind, Aleksandra Gaca translated Renault's needs into woven form
and created a new version of Bloko; a 3D fabric.... read more


9th till 4th April 2017

EXPOSITION_MASTERLY - The Dutch in Milano 2017 - SOLO exposition 'FABRIC OF LIFE'

Location:Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli 7, Milano

In Fabric of Life, her first solo exhibition in Milan, Aleksandra Gaca presents her new textiles – the latest results of
a 20-year career in weaving innovation and experimentation. The exhibition consists of a unique sensory environment in which Gaca’s fabrics provide experiences ranging from the tactile to the visual and even auditory, as they muffle and
absorb sound. Read more


In collaboration with The Invisible Party. IMAGE: Sal Marston Photography.


In collaboration with The Invisible Party. IMAGE: W Amsterdam.

12th till 17th April 2016


Location:Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli 7, Milano

The 3D Architextiles fabrics will be on show in Milan in April. During Salone del Mobile, Studio Aleksandra Gaca
will take part in the group presentation MASTERLY - The Dutch in Milano.
Set in the recently restored Palazzo Francesco Turati, the Dutch participants will respond to the historical
heritage of this site in their displays.

Read more in PRESS RELEASE


22nd till 30th October 2016

Dutch Design Week 2016 - ARCHITEXTILES at YKSI EXPO

Location: Yksi Winkel, Torenallee 22-04 (Strijp-S, ) 5617 BD Eindhoven

9th May till 30th October 2016

15th International Triennial of Tapestry, Łódź 2016
Location: Central Museum of Textiles, Piotrkowska Street 282, Łódź (Poland).


FLORO, a 3D-fabric by Aleksandra Gaca has been selected by Iris van Herpen. The Dutch fashion designer incorporates two shades of the fabric in her Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Hacking Infinity collection. The groundbreaking designs were presented at Paris Fashion Week and are now on display in international boutiques. Read more: NEWSLETTER Winter 2015

IMAGE: Concept & art direction, styling: Studio Matusiak | Photography: Eddy Wenting Photography

PROJECT_ DESIGN PLEATED BLIND collection for LIENESCH BV (NL) | Create the future together - watch the movie

27th September 2014 till 25th January 2015

Location: TextielMuseum, Tilburg 


Building with textiles has aesthetic, functional and environmental advantages. The exhibition presents innovative pieces
by (internationally) acclaimed architects working with flexible materials. There is also recognition for interior textiles with special functions – from air purification to the integration of light, images and sound. Aleksandra Gaca presents acoustic solutions with a 3D wall panel, covered with the new 3D BLOKO fabric from her own ARCHITEXTILES series.

Photo. BLOKO panels: Chris Nanu Photography

14th till 16th November 2014

Location: Concordia Design, Poznan (Polen)

Aleksandra Gaca has been invited as a guest of honour at the Poznan Textile Festival.
The event displays work by Polish and international designers, artists and companies that carry on a rich textile tradition
with innovative products. The theme of this first edition is ‘Context’. The programme includes an exhibition, workshops, demonstrations, discussions and lectures. ;

Photo. Chris Nanu Photography

3rd July till 25th October 2014

EXPOSITION_GATHERING - from Domestic Craft to Contemporary Proces' door Lidewij Edelkoort & Philip Fimmano
Location:Design Museum Holon (Israel)

For this exhibition guest curators Li Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano selected modern design based on traditional craftsmanship. Modern technologies and techniques add value and put craftsmanship in a new light, in response to the wishes and demands of contemporary society. Aleksandra Gaca’s work is represented with the Slumber Collection,
designed for Casalis (Belgium).

PROJECT_Art Panels for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, (NL)


To accommodate increasing workplace flexibility, interior architect Sandra de Steur-Klaasman created a new canteen
layout. The space, with its characteristic beehive floor plan, has now been furnished with various dining tables along
the windows and lounge area in the middle. To add intimacy, textile elements were added in the form of upholstered seating, lamps with fabric lampshades and acoustic panels. Aleksandra Gaca developed two wall panels using the new BLOKO fabric. The colour gradient is in line with the palette of the entire interior, going from black/grey
to light grey/white via blue/green.

PROJECT_Ceiling Islands For Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, 2014 (NL) 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is in the middle of an extensive renovation. In the coming years, the Security Service in particular will get a whole new look and feel. In addition to logistic improvements, the focus is on establishing a more relaxed, soothing environment. MV Architects created a clear and fresh design for the security lanes of Departure Hall 1. Noise-reducing ceiling strips help to foster a more pleasant acoustic climate. The effect is enhanced through the woven
fabric Cello (ARCHITEXTILES, Casalis) by Aleksandra Gaca. The strips are incorporated in round ceiling islands directly
above the Security Scans.


After winning the prestigious DUTCH DESIGN AWARD and in Poland the DESIGN ALIVE AWARD for the 3D acoustic fabric collection Casalis ARCHITEXTILES®, Aleksandra Gaca was also the recipient of a number of prizes in 2013. During Good Design 2013 (Poland) the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw recognized the Casalis ARCHITEXTILES® with
a GOOD DESIGN within the category ‘Best New Material’. During the Triennial of Tapestry 2013 in Central Museum
of Textiles in Lódź (Poland) the acoustic Art Panel made with the woven fabric FLORO (collection ARCHITEXTILES®),
received a SPECIAL PRIZE and was completed by inclusion in The National Exhibition “Tapestry ''. At the end of 2013
The Slumber Poufs collection was also nominated for the A ' DESIGN AWARD COMPETITION, Textile Design category.


The Rabobank 'Rijk van Nijmegen', Holland has adapted its interior design for modern banking.  In collaboration with
Quub Interior Projects the banks’ building underwent a striking revitalization. The new interior looks welcoming and transparent. Reception and consulting rooms in the entrance area have been largely replaced by homely meeting
areas for clients and employees. For each open office floor an individual interior has been chosen related to
the different seasons – with its own complementary colour and feel.

For this redevelopment project Aleksandra Gaca designed, on commission, four installations based on
her ARCHITEXTILES® 3D woven fabrics. The works: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are hung on each floor from
the 1st to the 4th in the informal areas, the 'living areas'. Due to their acoustic properties, they contribute to a tranquil
work and consultation climate. / Photo 2/3: John Van Groenedaal


For the Dutch Embassy in Berlin a pair of Art Panels have been designed by Aleksandra Gaca. These panels were
developed in the spring of 2013 from the Architextiles range, a series of sculptural woven fabrics which owe their 3D
effect to special yarn bonds.  The strong, layered surface has an acoustic dampening effect.  The functionality of these panels came into their own in the minimalist building designed by Rem Koolhaas. The aesthetics of the architecture have been closely observed. The linked Art Panels are sympathetic to the façade with its rhythmic vertical windows. Only through the weave motif is there a subtle counterpoint offered to the severe architecture.  The abstract floral design, Floro, was chosen.

The starting points for the colour scheme are the grey tones of the concrete and the visually defining green glass of the floating ramp.  The grey/green colour gradient  of the horizontal Art Panel appears to blend into the wall.  By playing
with the reversal  of contrasting colours – anthracite and soft yellow – in the vertical panel a sophisticated complementary image is created.  Mohair is incorporated into both panels contrasting with the concrete background in subtle differences of hard/soft and mat/glossy. The panels were woven by The Textile Museum, Tilburg, on the Dornier jacquard machine from the Textile Lab. Photo 3: Sean Faehrmann


New developments in textiles, such as smart textiles, are barely used in architecture.  So thought Fokkema and
Partners Architects, based in Delft. This view prompted the agency to respond mid 2012 to the Interiors Special Appeal
(Open Oproep Interieur)  organized  by the Promotion Fund for Architecture.  This developed into a multidisciplinary
research project: Architextiles*.  “What are the innovation possibilities of textiles as a spatial medium within
a (temporary) interior project?”

Participating in the project were architects and theatre, textile and fashion designers, including Aleksandra Gaca.  She developed a system of geometric patterns on transparent media such as panels.  When these panels perspectives were shifted in relation to one another ever-changing  motifs were created; comparable to a kaleidoscope. The classic Arabic triangle motifs were a perfect starting point for this type of interactive decoration.  Eastern as well as Western patterns can be created.

The eventual goal could be the composition of a pattern idiom, filled with basic iconic patterns.  Thereby a multi cultural space could , for example, be simply and quickly adapted to the cultural identity of a user group. The addition of artificial light in the form of optical fibres is currently being worked upon.  This form of backlight gives depth and promotes an experience of increased theatricality and spirituality.

Look at the final result and the entire design process:

* Not to be confused with the 3D Archi Textiles fabrics developed under the Aleksandra Gaca proprietary label. The double name is a coincidence, inspired by the field of Architecture.


Carmine, emerald or maybe the indigo?  The exclusive Slumber collection includes this season palette of 5 colorful shades and 10 tone-on-tone blends.  The circular woven wrap around scarves allow themselves to be folded into wearable sculpture. Made in cherishing wool/mohair this fashion accessory offers protection against the severest cold.  See al the colours.

Photo. Paulina Matusiak & Eddy Wenting


Architextiles nominated for the Polish art prize "Distinguished Design 2012 ' at MocArty / RMF Classic 2012.

MocArty was set up in 2010 by Radio RMF Classic. This award, voted for by the public, is aimed at rewarding significant contributions in the fields of fine art, popular (folk) art, music, film, technology and applied arts. The prize is awarded in four categories: Person of the Year, Event of the Year, Music or Movie of the Year and Distinguished Design.

15th November 2012

Honourable mention "Kreator Absolutny “ at the Design Alive Awards 2012

Design Alive Awards are the first awards in Poland to celebrate innovation and creativity, and are aimed at a new generation of consumers. Candidates are ambitious designers and design promoters who are providing solutions, products and services created from the synergies existing between design, technology, ecology and cultural awareness – all this in the midst of a changing society.
The prizes were awarded in three categories: Kreator 2012 for creative designs, Strategist 2012 for design management and / or branding and Animator 2012 for the promotion and development of design in Poland.

21st Oktober 2012

Architextile winner the DUTCH DESIGN AWARDS 2012

The CASALIS Architextile collection won Dutch Design Awards in categorie BEST PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT. The international jury about the collection: ‘Aleksandra Gaca shows a completely new way of applying textiles; in the current zeitgeist this innovation is very interesting. Gaca skilfully combines the synthetic and natural fabrics, which is a major technical challenge. Poetic design’ with endless possibilities'.

6th- 8th Juni 2012

1e prize Design District Awards 2012

During the Design District won Architextile 1st prize at the Design District Awards 2012 awarded by this event for interior design. Previously known as 100% Design.


















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