Hermès Wuxi Project 2009, China 

Textile design for Hermès Shops in China and South Korea

Chinese red and purist white. East meets west in the sweeping curtains designed by Aleksandra Gaca for the new H
ermès shops in Wuxi and Harbin, two Chinese metropolitan cities. The impressive construction in Wuxi is composed of thirteen lengths of material each 10 meters high. Merging lines and stripes form the pattern. Nine nuances of colour, from flame red to dark aubergine, were created by playing with threads in just three tints of red. Details such as irregular golden stripes and rhythmic floats give the fabric a clear vertical structure. Through such techniques these exceptional curtains capture the attention both from a distance as well as close up.

This commission was received from Rena Dumas Architecture Interieure (RDAI), the Parisian design bureau responsible for interior design for Hermès worldwide. Further commissions are a subtly striped transparent design for the Hermès boutique in Shanghai in China and a glass curtain for the H
ermès shop in the Shilla hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

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